How I work


I’m in the business of building lasting foundations.

What this means for you

It’s easy to spot a website or application that wasn’t built on the right foundation in terms of UX and UI design. The symptoms point to non-optimal functionality and long-term goals not being met, with the added problem of an ex-passionate entrepreneur slowly going crazy (and not inspiring their team in the way they intend to).

“Jump, and the net will appear” = Not true.

The tendency is to jump into the fun visual part of the process, only to find later that the jump happened too soon, when things get critical in your business. Sometimes it shows in user engagement numbers declining, other times it’s more serious and an investor declines funding your product.

As the old saying goes: “prevention is better than cure.”

My advice is to choose outcome control over damage control, which is why I work on a consulting basis at the beginning of your project with me. I audit all your online assets, provide you with feedback, and then move into market research, narrative work, and strategy. Only after this process do we move on to building or rebuilding the visual outcome.

The visual outcome is the cherry on top of an intricate system that works collectively to create the perfect whole. I specialise in building that system. If a house doesn’t have an architectural blueprint that meets all the necessary standards to be built, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks, it won’t have an ideal return in the long run.

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I’m a business builder and a business healer.

What this means for you

I help businesses to build a lasting foundation for their online assets, or to rebuild (heal) a broken dream-idea that didn’t have the right foundation to begin with. I create a blueprint for their online success and present it in a visually strategic way that has measurable results over time.