My Process as a UX Director


I spend most of my time consulting in person. My approach is interactive, intuitive, strategic, and based on true human connection.

The way I see it, people buy from people, so the more humane your digital interactions, the better your chances of success.

Let’s get to work :)

Things You Should Know:

  1. My Personality

If I do a tiny dance when there’s a win, or virtually hug the team, it’s totally normal.

2. My Philosophy

I’m a business builder and a business healer. I create strong foundations, and rebuild broken ones with empathy for the end-user and the business owner as the driving force.

3. My Vision

I see the big picture. The foundation I build takes your business goals and future growth into account. Fast wins are cool, but big wins over time are much better.


I’m skilled at:

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Hiring, pairing, and leading dynamic creative and engineering teams

Leadership & Creative Direction

Information Architecture, UX, UI, and Visual Storytelling.

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Building strong foundations for long-term business visions.

Understanding user psychology

Ensuring all bases are covered. I value integrity and ethics.


On the scale between introvert and extrovert I’m in the middle and can interchange depending on what the job needs.

pretty good considering the balance you need between your

functionality & epic visuals

engineering team and creative team

development and execution

the list goes on


Working on a project with me looks like:

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Step 1: Audit

I first audit your existing online and offline assets by using a five-step system unique to my approach.

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Step 2: Narrative

We discuss your business goals and I do a ton of research to help you craft your why, which is the vehicle for everything to follow.

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Step 3: Strategy

That narrative we just created? That’s a metaphor. Let’s work it into the bones of your system. True love and consideration of your end user starts here :)

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Step 4: IA

Information Architecture fun time! I’m so excited! I map this thing out and build you a foundation to thrive from!

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Step 5: Design

Your baby is born. Congrats on being the parent of an organic [in the digital way], ever-changing thing of beauty.

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Step 6: Growth

You invest in maintenance to ensure you’re able to scale and meet your ultimate business goals.



Can you elaborate more on your process, please?

Sure! If you’re truly interested in working with me please book a call and I’ll tell you all about it.

I signed an NDA with UX Dog, so I can’t share all the info here.

Much like your online customers, he’s pretty temperamental,

not to mention UI Dog is in cahoots with him, so