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Barking Nav. Woof!

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Meet UX Dog

In the same way a guide dog tells a blind person where to go next, UX design tells a user how to navigate an app, website, or game. It’s all happening behind the scenes where the user can’t see it.


If your site or app’s navigation s[ux], it could explain the following symptoms:

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High Abandoned Cart Rates

A user goes all the way to the end of the navigational journey, only to turn around just before they reach the finish line. What made them go the other way?

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High Churn Rate & Low Retention

How often does a user come back to your app or website over time? The churn rate refers to customers not renewing, while retention rate refers to them sticking around.

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Low Click-Through Rates

Let’s say you’re advertising a product or service, and nobody takes action, there may be problems with your core messaging and UX design.

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Low Engagement & Opt-In Rates

Users engage when the experience is engaging. Presentation, core messaging, navigation, and interface all play a major role in determining whether a user allows you into their day-to-day interactions.

Does your site have any of these symptoms?

Pro Tip: It’s not UX Dog, although he’s a super cute pup!


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Bad UX is bad for business.

If you go to a museum where the signage is bad, you’ll get lost, have a bad experience, and it’s unlikely that you’ll return or refer your friends. The same principle applies to your online assets and how the design and messaging works behind the scenes to help you reach your business objectives.


Now that you know all this, how would you rate your experience?


Annoyed that the buttons above don’t lead anywhere?

You may feel any of the following: Betrayed, irritable, frustrated.

Welcome to a bad user experience. It’s my job to ensure that that NEVER happens to your customers.


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